Well, Well…It’s A Maleficent Wordless Wednesday

Maleficent Collage

Well, Well…It’s A Maleficent
Wordless Wednesday


P.S. Did you notice that tiny smirk on Maleficent’s face? I told her that she was going to be the star of that picture and she told me that I was! I still can’t believe she had it in her to crack that smile!!!

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Maleficent is rated PG and releases in theaters everywhere on May 30th!

Focused on the Magic

Thanks so much to Deb at “Focused on the Magic” for hosting the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. This week’s Wordless Wednesday is also brought to you by the letter “W” and in this case, Maleficent is WICKED!

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  1. Ahhh Wicked she is, great shots, can’t wait to see this one.

  2. I see it she’s smirking. Love the collage Jackie ;-)

  3. Jackie that is the best picture!! I love it!! What fun you had! Such a great movie!

  4. Wow! You met Maleficent and lived to tell about it. :)

  5. Can’t wait to watch the movie! Counting the days…

  6. Brilliant photos! I’ve just got home from seeing Maleficent (it was released in the UK today) and the film is fantastic!

  7. What a great picture of you with Maleficent! Great angle on the dragon in the parade too! I’m looking forward to seeing this movie’s take on the classic story.

  8. Maleficent is my favorite villain and I cannot wait to see the movie! Great pictures!

  9. Woot! So glad to see you are also participating in the Disney Worldless Wednesday fun. I am jumping back in after a hiatus. Love the photos from your meeting with Maleficent.

  10. Oh my! She is so evil! I hope to see the movie soon and meet her at MNSSHP this year!

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