What Does Disney Time Mean To You?

When I think about Disney Time, I think back to my very first visit to the Disneyland Resort and how when we were there for a whole week, nothing else in the whole world mattered to me. I forgot about the mortgage payment and the bills that were due. I forgot about deadlines that would be waiting for me when I returned to work after vacation. I’d completely put all of the regular ups and downs of everyday life completely out of my mind because we were at Disneyland and none of it mattered.

Our family stayed together at the Disneyland Hotel in a huge corner suite. There were eight of us, six adults and our two kids who were 2 and 6 at the time. We had the most amazing family vacation and it started us all on the road to being huge Disney fans…of course, it hit me more than anyone else in the family, but who’s counting, right? We did the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour where we learned some super cool things about how Walt Disney thought about things like buildings and decor being built high enough so that no matter where in the Park you were, you could not see any of the outside world. I literally had chills when I learned that because I just love how he thought of those kinds of details. I actually cried as we stood in the gorgeous lobby of the Disneyland Hotel waiting for our shuttle back to the airport because I didn’t want to go back to reality. I knew we’d have to do everything we could to get back there someday, and we did!

Photo Courtesy: Disney Parks

Photo Courtesy: Disney Parks

Disney Time is such an important part of my family’s life now and we all truly enjoy it. It’s a time where we can just be. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing as long as we’re together. Disney Parks is giving away some Disney Time with their Disney Time Sweepstakes and you can enter every day until January 31, 2013! You may even see a video or two of someone you know!

So, I ask all of you, what does Disney Time mean to you?

My MOST Magical Moment!!!


My MOST Magical Moment!!!


It was 3:16 in the afternoon on Friday, November 9, 2012 when my phone rang displaying a 407 area code [the MOST magical area code on earth, by the way]!!! I had been wondering what was happening because my phone had been making all sorts of noises for the past half hour or so prior to it ringing. See, I was teaching an online class at the time so I was really focused on what I was doing. So, here’s the thing, when I answered my phone, it was Leanne Jakobowski from Walt Disney World on the line and hearing her voice made my heart skip a beat!!! She was sort of thinking that I might know calls were going out and it was fun, because while I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on with my phone, I knew there weren’t any emergencies because there are special tones for that!

So, we chatted for a few moments and Leanne let me know that her and her team had made their final decisions for the 2013 Moms Panel and I think my heart skipped another beat!!!!!! The next thing she said was that she’d like to invite me to be a 2013 Walt Disney World Moms Panelist and to come down for training next month!!!!!!! I tried really really hard not to blow her eardrums out with my excitement!!!!!!

You guys, I’m seriously over the moon with excitement!!!!!! I have been chasing this dream for so many years and the thought of running down Main Street with a giant butterfly net above my head was looking sort of comical so I just couldn’t be happier to announce to you all that I am officially a 2013 Walt Disney World Moms Panelist!!!!!!!!!!

All of your tweets and Facebook messages since my official announcement last night at 8:03 PM EST absolutely mean the world to me!!!! You must know that I appreciate each and every one of your messages!!! Thank you so very much and I’m going to do my absolute very best to make you all proud!!!!!

P.S. I took the picture above from an ad in the Sunday newspaper two weeks ago!!! I had just started subscribing to it and I just about fell off my chair when I saw that OPI had an actual Pixie Dusted color named “It’s MY Year”!!!!!!! I’m in search for it now because OPI says it’s been discontinued and it REALLY IS my year, so I MUST have it!!!! #AAACK

Pixie Dust in my Mailbox Today!!

You guys, I’m so excited that I can hardly even contain myself right now!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Can you hear me screaming?!!?! I may just explode into Pixie Dust right here!!!!!

I Made It To Round 2 of the 2013 Disney Parks Moms Panel Search!!

Here we gooooooooooo!!! Off to Neverland!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!! Could my third time in Round 2 be a charm? :)


Wordless Wednesday: Rest in Peace, Beautiful Dannee!

Wordless Wednesday:
Rest in Peace, Beautiful Dannee!

Photo Courtesy of Kirsten Guild Etmanski

Our First Day At DisneySMMoms!

My family was pretty excited when I told the Cast Member at the gate that we were checking in and even more ecstatic as we pulled up under the porte-cochere at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Any time we have ever gone to the Yacht Club, it was to have a late night sundae at Beaches and Cream with our dear friends. This time, we were sleeping there!! I immediately saw two familiar faces and practically jumped out of the car before I could get it in park! It was Amy and Valerie! Woo Hoo! And the fun started right that instant!

Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we had all sorts of free time to wander around the absolutely beautiful resort grounds while we waited since our first event wasn’t until 5:00 that afternoon. We were ready for breakfast, so we went over to the Captain’s Grille, which was FANTASTIC! I’ll tell you all about it in another post though. After breakfast, we followed the magical signs leading to the Convention Center to check in and get our credentials for the fabulous Social Media Moms Celebration!

There were some really cool turtles swimming around and a tiny little alligator so we stopped and watched them for almost an hour! The kids were loving the fact that we weren’t in any hurries!

So, I’m not sure how many of you watch ABC’s The Bachelor/ette, but I do, and I’ve been lucky enough to interact with one of the lovely ladies from a prior season! I was so excited to see Marissa behind the counter at the check-in desk, and the coolest thing? She was just as excited to see me!! Seriously you guys, she came around the counter and out to meet me with a giant hug! I was so incredibly tickled and it’s really my favorite thing ever when someone’s personality in real life is just how I imagined it from online interactions! So fun! You can find Marissa over at Disney’s InsidEARS site…she’s the Community Manager for the Walt Disney World side!

One cool thing about arriving so early was that there weren’t many people there yet. We actually got to sit with Jennifer Wilkes, one of the original Walt Disney World Moms Panelists, and she told us all about the fabulous events that were so carefully planned for us. I was practically bursting into Pixie Dust right there just hearing about all of the fabulous plans ahead! She went over everything with us and we were on our way, credentials in-hand! And my lanyard was pink!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out by Stormalong Bay, having ice cream at Beaches and Cream, and being very leisurely in our absolutely GORGEOUS room! And I do mean gorgeous…wow! I’ll have my review up soon about Disney’s Yacht Club Resort…just lovely! Now just have a gander at these sundaes…

We don’t splurge on ice cream like this very often, but if you’re gonna do it, this is definitely the place!!! Yum to the O!! That’s a Fudge Mud Slide on the left and a No Way Jose on the right. Someone thought it would be funny to get some all over her cute little face!

I went back to our room to have a little nap afterwards then got ready to go to our “Passport to the World” reception sponsored by Adventures by Disney and Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa. I did all sorts of vacation dreaming while chit chatting with my fellow bloggers and munching on some great appetizers.

We were sent home with a fabulous Vinylmation from Aulani as a reminder of the event!

Next, we headed back to our room for just a few to get ready for dinner on the beach…yes, ON THE BEACH!! It was time for the “Swashbuckler Soiree’ Dinner”! I really love being on the white sandy beach at Disney…especially at dusk when it’s not so crazy hot! We walked over to the lovely beach area and there was this fabulous entrance…

I just LOVE how it’s all Piratey! See that giant globe lantern? Those magically turned into lights as the sun went down! So cool! Let’s talk about the best backdrop EVER too…

All in all, it was an unbelievably gorgeous evening, the food was just fabulous, and we had the best time! The Soiree’ was sponsored by Disney Junior and they did an amazing job! Thank you for a great evening!

Disclosure: I paid to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. In exchange for my registration fee, I received deeply discounted rates on hotel, park tickets, events, meals, and swag. I am not required nor was I asked to write about the events by Disney or any other party affiliated with the event. Thoughts are 100% my own.

2012 Walt Disney World Moms Panel Search

You will probably all laugh at me, but I’ve become somewhat of an email stalker during the last few weeks. There have been so many really exciting events and such going on that I’ve hardly been able to contain myself!

I knew that emails would be going out any time to those who made it or didn’t make it to Round 2 of the 2012 Walt Disney World Moms Panel selection process. Lots of my friends started tweeting this afternoon about it and I started getting really anxious/excited! At 3:27pm EST I received an email from the Mickey Moms Club and it was a newsletter. I think my heart skipped a beat! So, I went back to my writing when I saw my gmail tab receive another email at 3:46pm EST. It was from the Walt Disney World Moms Panel and in the subject line, it said “Congratulations! You made it to Round 2!”!!! Here’s a small excerpt from my letter…

I am so insanely excited that I can barely describe it to you! I’ve been applying for the Moms Panel every year for four years now. This is the second year that I’ve made it to Round 2 and I’m really excited about it! I want you all to know that I’m so glad you’re taking the time to read this right now and I appreciate the support of each and every one of you! You all mean the world to me! Thanks for sharing my Pixie Dust!

2011 Walt Disney World Moms Panel

Well, today was the much anticipated first day of the application process for the 2011 Walt Disney World Moms Panel. I really liked the questions asked this year and it was rather a refreshing experience for me to sit and ponder what I would say. When the questions became live on the Moms Panel site, I copied them into a word document where I could just type whatever came to mind immediately with no restrictions. I already had my first cup of coffee and after I answered all three questions, I decided that I should take a nice break and have a second cup! Those of you who know me know that this girl loves her coffee!

After changing just a few things, I submitted my application and so many hours later, I feel pretty confident about my answers. I answered every question from my heart. Now, I know that what’s meant to be will be, and I’m very excited to see if this is my year!

Thinking back to last year’s process, I had lost my job of nearly 11 years less than a week before I submitted my application for the 2010 Walt Disney World Moms Panel. I was in sort of a “state” if you will. Now that we’ve had so many big and wonderful changes in our lives, all I can hope for is that the passion shines through brighter this year!

Wishing all of my wonderful friends who have applied as well all the very best of luck and Pixie Dust! Let’s hope one or two of us makes it on the panel this year!