Our Day at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Like a surfside playground left behind by a great storm, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon features breaking waves, a saltwater snorkeling pool, and a water coaster thrill ride attraction with gushing water surges.

The theming at this park is so awesome! I really loved this shipwreck!

We had read that Typhoon Lagoon was the more mellow of the two water parks on Disney property. Since my husband and kids had gone to Disney’s Blizzard Beach a couple of years ago, we decided to try Typhoon Lagoon first. The kids were a bit skeptical because they’re “not babies”!

I hadn’t realized before this trip that Typhoon Lagoon was just across the street from Downtown Disney’s West Side. Typhoon Lagoon sits on 61 acres and has several major features, including Crush ‘n’ Gusher, the first-ever water coaster thrill ride attraction in Central Florida; a man-made watershed mountain with eight twisting-and-turning water slides and roaring streams; a two-and-one-half-acre wave-making lagoon with surfing-size waves, and a 362,000-gallon saltwater pool, Shark Reef, where snorkelers swim fin-to-fin with exotic marine life including butterfly fish, French angels, tangs, groupers and even bonnethead and leopard sharks. Needless to say, we had the most amazing time there and I highly recommend a visit to this park!

The park also features a water playground for children, sunny beaches and lazy streams surrounding a 95-foot mountain, a shop that provides necessary underwater equipment for Shark Reef (including life jackets, masks and snorkels), changing areas, lockers, showers, a picnic area and two restaurants which serve up everything from specialty sandwiches and salads to cookies and ice cream in waffle cones.

We rode around the lazy river at least a half-a-dozen times before getting out to have lunch at Typhoon Tilly’s. My husband and son’s middle name is Tillman, after my late father-in-law whose first name was Tillman and everyone used to call him Tilly so this was a really fun place to stumble upon. We both had the chicken wrap, which would have been amazing had it been served with some sort of sauce or dressing. It was really plain and had no flavor to it so that was rather unfortunate.

We were also lucky enough to catch one of my twitter friends @JL_Davis on her day off and she hopped over to meet up and hang out with us for a while after we finished lunch. It’s always so fun to meet up with friends at the parks!

@JL_Davis with Molly at the Clock Tower

Now, I just want you to look at this next picture for a minute.

You can see that it’s a funnel cake, right? But can you tell what that is on the top? I saw this plate of yumminess walk past me a few times throughout the day and I finally had to track it down and figure out what it was. My first guess was that it was white chocolate. Wrong! It’s a big ole SLAB of vanilla ice cream! Served on a piping hot funnel cake! Are you kidding me? Yes, it tasted just as amazing as it sounds…and we shared it between five of us. It was perfection!

It was such a beautiful day and we were having so much fun that we stuck around until the last people were completely out of the pool and the sun started to set. It was really cool to see the wave pool still and completely empty!

I should also let you know that there are Beachcomber Shacks available for day-long rental in case you’d like to bring a nice book with you and let your hubby and the kids play while you relax. The Beachcomber Shacks are premium spaces that put a roof or a large umbrella over your head, provide upscale Adirondack seating for relaxation, and gives you a service attendant who does the leg work if you want to purchase food from the a la carte menu. Sounds amazing, yes? We’ll be getting one of these on our next trip!

We spent only about 6 hours at Typhoon Lagoon and had a great time. I’m sure there are lots of things we missed only to be enjoyed on our next visit there. If you’re looking for more detailed information on this park, my friends over at Touring Plans have a great post written by @khelmstetter that posted yesterday while I was writing up my post! Go check it out!