Coloring Pages Now Available for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Star Wars Day is coming this Friday, May the 4th and even though I haven’t blogged in eons, I wanted to share some new activity sheets that include coloring pages, a word search, mazes, etc. in honor of Solo: A Star Wars Story which opens in theatres everywhere this Memorial Day weekend (May 25th).

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

May the 4th be with you!

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May The Fourth Be With You, Today And Always! #Maythe4th



Random Road Trips: Our getaway to St. Augustine, Florida!

Random Road Trips:
Our getaway to St. Augustine, Florida!

As most of you know, my husband travels a little bit for work. He has a much smaller territory here on the east coast as his furthest customers are just a 3-hour drive from our house. What makes this so fun for us, especially with school being out, is that we can hop in the car and go to some of these fun places with him!

Recently, we joined him down in St. Augustine, FL. I had heard that it was beautiful there but I had no idea just how beautiful it was until we had a look for ourselves. The streets there were so tiny and cute and COBBLESTONE!!

And tell me these two places don’t sound amazing?!?? Remember, you can click on the pictures to view larger!

They had some pretty quirky shops and things…looking forward to spending more time there so we can explore more! Love these Pirates Of The Caribbean steps!

There were so many things to do there too. The famous Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum is located there. Ripley’s also offers Sightseeing Trains and a Ghost Train too. We didn’t do these things this time though…have to save some fun for other visits as I’m sure we’ll be going often.

When he travels and spends the night, he always tries to stay in an ICH Hotel because he gets points when he stays there and we really like them! The Holiday Inn Express in St. Augustine was really awesome and so were their staff. I asked the lady at the front desk for dinner recommendations and she had 2…with coupons!

A1A Ale Works is where we had dinner our first night. WOW! What a great restaurant! It’s up on the second story of this yellow building and had a beautiful view of the water and the gorgeous bridge. Their nachos were to die for and the rest of dinner was completely amazing too! I highly recommend this place.

Our second night, we had dinner at Harry’s, which was the front desk lady’s top pick. We decided to eat outside because it cooled off and there was a live musician playing there. The food here was delicious as well and the atmosphere was incredible. When the sun started to set, the strings of lights were lit and made for a really magical setting. It actually reminded me of New Orleans Square at the Disneyland Resort! I’m not sure which restaurant I would choose as my favorite because they were both awesome!

The Fountain Of Youth was literally right around the corner from our hotel so we drove over to take a look. Unfortunately, the gates closed at 5pm, but there were people driving into the exit. I drove over and one of the people that works there waved us in!

The section where you actually drink from the fountain was closed, but there were lots of beautiful peacocks wandering around by the parking lot so we hung out there for a bit. It was pretty cool watching them do their little *dance*. This beautiful guy had about 4 or 5 females wandering around him and he was putting on quite the show. The kids were laughing and singing “All The Single Ladies”.

Official Fountain Of Youth RV

Old cannons at the Fountain Of Youth

With its cobblestone streets, quaint restaurants, unique shops, and so many really cool bits of history, St. Augustine is a perfect place for a getaway!