Printables To Re-Create Scenes From Maleficent


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Maleficent is rated PG and is now playing in theaters everywhere!

Printables To Re-Create Scenes From Maleficent

Did YOU See Maleficent?!


Did YOU See Maleficent?!

As I was teaching a ballet class this week one of my students burst out with, “Did you see Maleficent!” To which I was quite happy to respond with,”YES! And I get to blog about it!” So put your curly horns on people, and here we go!

Last Sunday during the Grammy Awards®, Disney had a surprise for its fans: a super awesome sneak peek at its upcoming film, Maleficent. Everyone watched on the edge of their couch cushions as this familiar villain took on a new face.   Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie, is a dark fantasy prequel to Sleeping Beauty, where we are supposed to learn more about this villain’s side of the story than we did before.  The film will be released to theaters May 30th, 2014. If you missed it the first time, or just want to view it for the 32nd time, here is the film tidbit that everyone is talking about:

Yah, THAT’S what we are ALL talking about! Consider yourself officially informed. Now, I will give you just a minute to click to your Google calendars and write “Maleficent date night” on May 30th. ……….. Ok, back!

So were you intrigued by the sneak peek’s background music? Me too! Good news! In an effort to increase our anticipation (which is totally working btw), Disney has also released the Lana Del Ray’s rendition of “Once Upon a Dream” featured as a free download on Google Play through Monday, February 3rd.

In general, sneak peeks and trailers of all kinds seem to get my head spinning with questions, and Maleficent is no exception… starting with, Angela Jolie’s makeup artistry. To be honest with you, my first reaction was, “Holy Cheekbones, Batman!” But really, the whole costume, makeup included, is REALLY fabulous. But it got me thinking about the original Maleficent. Wasn’t her face a shade of green in Disney’s 1959 movie? Will we get to see her skin turn green? Or is this pale but not green face just the modern interpretation of her character?

Speaking of which, I love, love, love, the artistic imagery themes that have been chosen. The images are very much rooted in the original style of Sleeping Beauty, paying a deep respect to its mastermind, Eyvind Earle. But at the same time, a fresh interpretation is given as well. I love especially the green, wispy evil magic visuals. Well done director, Robert Stromberg. This will be a wildly artistic movie and likely an amazing experience to watch.

Is it May 30th yet?

What was your favorite part of the sneak peek?

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