Jamie Deen at EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival

The folks from the Disney Parks Blog were here in Savannah recently catching up with Jamie Deen at his mom Paula Deen’s famous restaurant, The Lady & Sons.

We have not had the opportunity to eat there since we moved here, but one of these days, I’m hoping to experience it! I hear that you have to get there to line up pretty early in order to secure a spot as they don’t accept reservations for parties under 8 most days of the year. Click here for more information on reservations. Maybe when the weather cools down again, we’ll give it a try!

If you’re traveling down to the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival down at Walt Disney World this fall, look for Jamie Deen’s culinary demo at 1pm and 3pm on Saturday, October 22nd in the Festival Welcome Center. The cost is $13 for the 45-minute session.

Tybee Wedding Chapel Grand Opening Celebration!

I’m excited to share my visit to the Grand Opening Celebration of the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel! This was so much fun and very close to where we live. Remember the movie The Last Song? The little wedding chapel in that movie has had a makeover. Well, more of a re-do! My friends, you’re in for a treat today! David Tutera came out for the top notch occasion and it was awesome! Enjoy!

First of all, one of the things I LOVE about this area is how the trees are just draped over everything, the chapel is sort-of nestled in there. Usually there is spanish moss hanging from the branches as well, you can’t see it in this picture of the chapel, but it’s gorgeous.

I really loved seeing the steeple that was saved from the old chapel used in the movie The Last Song with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth used as a huge outdoor centerpiece! What a fabulous idea!

Just before going into the tent, there was a table set up with beautiful wedding photo options available at different spots on Tybee Island. Remember, click on the images to see them larger.

The inside of the tent was just gorgeous! I love how they had different examples of ways you might decorate if you were having your wedding reception there. Aren’t the inside walls and ceiling gorgeous too? It always amazes me how an outdoor tent can be transformed into a beautiful room like this!

What would a Grand Opening Celebration be without samples? There were some fun munchy appetizers and of course, wedding cake! I really wasn’t a fan of the white cake, but the chocolate cake was to die for!

There were some examples of reasonably priced and beautiful wedding cakes available at Publix. The first cake was the 10×7 “Simply Devoted” for $125

Then there was the 4-tier “Basket of Flowers” for $580

I absolutely LOVE the beachy starfish cake and the lastly, the 10×7 “Savor the Moment” for $125 is very reasonable and beautiful with the fresh flowers.

I really loved the little extra touches that were around the grounds of the Tybee Wedding Chapel for this event. This little pedicab was adorable with the “Just Married on Tybee” sign on the back.

I absolutely LOVED these glass balls hanging by ribbon from this enormous tree branch. They were magnificent and could be modified for any wedding colors!

There were some adorable little children all dressed up for the event too. Flower Girls and Ring Bearers…so sweet!

The chapel is owned by Stayce Jarrell, who also owns Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, and while we were waiting for her to talk to us, I snapped this pic of David Tutera with WE’s My Fair Wedding standing next to her!

I was so excited to see the inside of the wedding chapel! Below is a picture taken of the chapel from the front to give you an idea of the size. It was just too cute. Three pews on either side and then lots of room in the back for either more seating or tables and chairs for the reception if you’re having a small wedding.

Photo Credit: Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

There were examples of some of the designs you could have at your wedding from several local event planners. They were just gorgeous! The first one I saw was from Ashley Rhodes Events in Port Royal, SC.

The next was a design from Sallie’s Greatest here in GA. I just love the sweet tea jars!

Robert Leoci from Leoci’s Trattoria was on hand available to discuss food options for your wedding reception.

This next design from First City Events was really beautiful as well. Loved the extra touch of the gorgeous peacock feather.

Lastly, a beautiful, rustic and romantic design by Urban Poppy. I really loved all the options available with this company’s designs, it was my favorite!

Finally, to end the fabulous presentation, David Tutera took the ‘stage’ and talked a bit about the new venue. Don’t ya love the backdrop? Little cuties!

It was so awesome to see David again. For those of you who don’t know, I met him for the first time back in March at the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration down at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Here’s a link to one of my blog posts about it in case you missed it.

After David was finished talking, a line formed for pictures. I approached him and told him that it was so nice to see him again and reminded him that I’d met him earlier this year at Disney. I went out on a limb and asked him if he remembered when he was walking up the side of the pews inside Disney’s Wedding Pavillion and a lady jumped up and hugged him and was so excited to see him. At first he laughed, because I’m sure he’s met hundreds of women who have done that since March, but then, he says “Wait, I do remember her! Are you her?” I laughed and said “No, that was my dear friend Kristen and she told me to tell you hello!” He thought that was really fun and said “hi” back and then I got to have my picture taken with him! I am really jazzed that he remembered her! So fun!

I am so glad that I ventured out to Tybee Island for this event that was organized by Toren Anderson. She did a fantastic job and I truly enjoyed myself. I think this venue will be tremendously successful as so many people come to the Savannah area to tie the knot! I wish them the best of luck!

Feeling Kinda Homesick…

Feeling kinda homesick…


It’s been a year now since we arrived here in Savannah. It’s really hard to believe it’s been that long already! It feels like we just pulled up here! I still find myself telling people we just moved here from Seattle. Funny.

We’re still in our rental house. It’s about twice the size of the house we owned back in Seattle. We live in a great neighborhood with a pool. We had all these great plans of how it was going to be for us here. Things are so different from what we had planned.

When my hubby and I first visited back in May of 2010, the real estate agents told us that the town we now live in was not a military town. We didn’t care one way or the other so we couldn’t figure out why they all told us that or what difference it made anyway. What I have learned about this area since we moved here is that it is mostly military families and the moms in the neighborhood don’t want to make friends with people who are not in the military. Our next door neighbor actually told my husband that she doesn’t get friendly with anyone anymore because it’s too hard to say goodbye when they move. I get that, but it makes me sad because there are so many military families and I would just love to have a friend or two here, ya know?

I was also thinking that only being a 4-hour drive from the Walt Disney World Resort, my favorite place on the planet, my happy place, we would go down pretty often. We did, at first, but then it started becoming rather pricey just to do a weekend trip. The gas prices started rising almost as soon as we moved here. So, needless to say, we do not get down there as often as I’d like and I find myself day after day wanting to move South!

I never would have guessed that after living here for an entire year that we would not be completely settled in. The kids had a bit of a rough school year…mom did too! This year will be better, I’m sure of it. I have been looking for a job since we came here and WOW, it’s a tough market. I thought it was bad in Seattle, but it’s so much worse here. It’s almost like you have to know someone to get a decent job here, at least that’s what I’m hearing anyhow. I have been told by several different companies that I have an impressive resume, so I’ll just keep swimming…as they say.

I keep finding myself missing different aspects of Washington. Like running into at least 3 or 4 people I know every time I go to the grocery store or my old nail place and knowing exactly where every store I need is located. It’s funny how I miss things that I never even realized I cared about until I didn’t have them any more. I miss the mellow weather a whole lot. We’ve never experienced humidity like this before or a heat index of 112. Our winter and summer have switched places!

We’re getting ready for school to start in just a week and a half. I am hoping to have a job lined up in time for that. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for our family, either here in Savannah, or further South. Only time will tell!

Wordless Wednesday…

Saw this in our Target parking lot!


Wordless Wednesday…