Thinking Back On My Moms Panel Journey


Thinking Back On My
Moms Panel Journey


Well, today is the day that so many of my online and real-life friends will find out some very important, life-changing news on whether or not they will advance to Round 3 of the search for the newest members of the 2014 Disney Parks Moms Panel. In fact, today at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time to be exact, according to Gary Buchanan‘s very clever tweeted pic of his score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin yesterday! Nicely done!

I sincerely hope that you are all finding ways to keep busy today and that you are able to relax. And BREATHE! The 3 o’clock parade starts in just a couple of short hours and we must all be neat and pretty!

I have met so many of you over the last 5 or so years through our mutual love of Disney Parks. I’ve been through this process together with some of you for so many years now that it’s surreal. Today, I’m so full of many emotions, as I have been for nearly two months when the search first began. I can barely concentrate on a single thing other than holding you all close and sending as much Pixie Dust as I possibly can to you all.

See, each Fall since 2008, I would stalk the Moms Panel site. You know, by clicking the little button on the lower left corner that says “How to be a Panelist” like 5 million times a day. Just kidding.

Not really.

My point is that I have been exactly where you are right this very minute. I was there myself each year in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Each of those years that I wasn’t chosen were hard. Really REALLY hard. I questioned myself constantly and each year after the disappointment faded, I felt that my confidence grew. Looking back, I feel like those years that I wasn’t chosen to advance were somewhat of a training course, if you will. I don’t even need to imagine how excited and anxious you all are because I know. I know how very important this is to you all because it was [and still is] just that important to me. It’s a big deal.

It’s an even bigger deal to keep on chasing your dreams if at first [or second or …] you don’t succeed. I did. And then I was finally able to share My Most Magical Moment with you last year! Having you all by my side year after year made it easier to keep my chin up and to keep on keepin’ on. We’ve formed some pretty awesome friendships too! <3

I watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure with my daughter the other day and I keep thinking about that scene in the Pixie Dust Tree. You know the one? Here’s a little peek just in case…


Tink needs to listen to herself and take her own advice, right?

You are all amazing, talented people and you all deserve to be a Part of the Magic but as we know, there isn’t room for everyone.

Be proud of who you are and know that even if you don’t receive the news you want today, there is always next year. There was a “next year” for me and there will be one for you too!

My Disney Dream Come True!






Pixie Dust in my Mailbox Today!!

You guys, I’m so excited that I can hardly even contain myself right now!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Can you hear me screaming?!!?! I may just explode into Pixie Dust right here!!!!!