Happy 57th Birthday to the Mickey Mouse Club!

Photo Courtesy: The Walt Disney Company

Happy 57th Birthday to the Mickey Mouse Club!

I was excited to learn this morning that today is the 57th Anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Club because it reminded me that I needed to share a very fun experience I had in the spring at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

At breakfast on the last day of our sessions, we were treated to a very special performance by one of the original Mouseketeers, Cubby O’Brien! It was awesome to see him on stage playing those drums like he did on the original show. We listened to Sherry Alberoni, also one of the original Mouseketeers, speak about the show and about Walt Disney himself. It was truly wonderful to hear the passion in her voice as she spoke about her experiences with Walt. Cubby and Sherry are front and center in the picture above. Now, I didn’t watch the show as a child, but my mom sure did…and boy did she love it! I was really wishing that she was there to enjoy the experience with me.

I was so excited to have had such fun entertainment during breakfast when all-of-a-sudden, I was asked if I’d like to attend a special meet and greet. Without hesitation, I said I’d absolutely love to! Little did I know what was in store. I was asked to meet at the entrance of another one of the conference rooms and headed right over to wait with just three other bloggers. We were so excited that we could hardly stand it and we didn’t even know what was about to happen!

When the doors were opened and we were shown in, there stood Sherry and Cubby along with just a couple of Cast Members!! It was the most amazing experience on the planet to have one on one time with them! They chatted with us all as if we’d known each other for years, and I have to say, I was pretty star-struck!

I was flying high for the rest of the day after that. I just loved how they spent time chatting with us and getting to know us a little bit. It was so cozy. My blogging friend, Connie, also attended the special meet and greet. Read about her experience here.

Disclosure: I paid to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. In exchange for my registration fee, I received deeply discounted rates on hotel, park tickets, events, meals, and swag. I am not required nor was I asked to write about the events by Disney or any other party affiliated with the event. Thoughts are 100% my own.