“it’s a small world” 50th Anniversary at Disneyland With Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman Collage

“it’s a small world” 50th Anniversary
at Disneyland With Richard Sherman


Some of you who have been reading my blog for a couple years may remember when I told you briefly about my mom’s love for “it’s a small world” and how she originally saw it at the 1964 World’s Fair.

itsasmallworld NYC Collage

I was so excited to find out that the 50th Anniversary of “it’s a small world” would be taking place while my family was visiting the Disneyland Resort for the 5th annual Disney Social Media Moms Celebration! There were all different things going on for the special occasion including a sing-a-long where Richard Sherman would be parading down Main Street U.S.A. singing along with the world! We even had a special, reserved place on Main Street to watch the magic!

Small World Collage


My mom was the cutest thing ever, you guys. She hand-wrote the lyrics before she left home and brought them with her to Disneyland so she’d be all ready to sing along. Seeing the excitement on her face when she heard Richard Sherman singing and hearing her sing along with him was an absolutely priceless memory that I’ll cherish forever! It was so sweet!

I was able to capture some video, but I really love the video that Wendy of Plugged In Family took, so have a look!

This was such a special treat to have a front row viewing for this super special afternoon and to be able to share it with my mom and family! A big thanks to the folks at Disney for continuing to make magic for families! These are the moments I live for!


Disney It’s A Small World by LeSportsac Weekender Giveaway


I’m so excited to have joined in with a great group of Disney Bloggers to co-host this fantastic giveaway for a medium It’s A Small World Weekender by LeSportsac! I’m always keeping my eye out for really cool bags that you don’t see everywhere and this definitely fits the bill! It’s the perfect size for an overnight bag or carry-on. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the rest of the It’s A Small World collection by LeSportsac, go have a look because it is seriously the cutest line EVER!

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“it’s a small world” by Basq ~ Review and Giveaway!


“it’s a small world” by Basq ~ Review and Giveaway!

One of my favorite attractions at the Disneyland Resort is “it’s a small world.” My mom actually attended the 1964 New York World’s Fair as a small child and remembers seeing the ride there! It’s been one of her favorites ever since! The entire facade of the ride is so whimsical and magical, I just LOVE it.


Anywhoo, when I first heard about the “it’s a small world” line of mom and child skin care products by Basq, I was pretty intrigued. I saw the packaging for the first time at this year’s DisneySMMoms Celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort when there was a surprise in my room one evening of their TOUCH Lavender Body Butter. I almost flipped my lid when I saw it because it was so beautiful!

Well, even though it said it was for mother and baby, I thought “hmmm…I’m a mom and my babies are 10 and 14, so I qualify, right?” I think so! I opened up that jar and put it on my arms immediately…my skin gets so dry in that Central Florida climate and I don’t normally take the time down there to do anything about it, but we were at the Yacht Club and it was all about relaxing. The fragrance was simply wonderful and it felt so luxurious! Not too strong at all, just very mild and soothing. I really dislike skin care products with too much fragrance, but I don’t like the plain stuff either. I know…I’m difficult. Anyway, this was perfect and I was really wishing it had been around when my kiddos were babies!


So, here’s the thing. I really wanted a mom and baby to try the products too and it just so happened that my nephew was just a few months old so I asked my sister-in-law to be my loyal subject and try out the rest of the products I was given to sample. She also has a friend with a baby who was just a little older than my nephew and here’s what they both had to say about the products:

She had this to say about the SHARE Lavender Calming Oil: “Baby loves this on his feet as the directions on the box suggest. He can be fussy, and I put it on his feet and he stops being fussy because he likes his little toes being massaged! I like it because it makes him smell wonderful without using scented lotions on his dry skin.”


And this to say about the LOVE Nourishing Cleansing Bar: “This soap is nice to use for me. It lathers up nicely and feels luxurious on ~ I am guessing that is due to the coconut base in the ingredient list. However, even though it says it is for mom and baby, I would not use it on baby for two reasons. One, I typically use a liquid soap to make a bubble bath for baby and two, the box says to keep the product out of baby’s eyes. I prefer to use a tear-free soap on baby.”


They both said the DREAM Sleep Mist “bottle is beautiful and sprays smoothly, smells wonderful when sprayed in the room”. I have to agree because I sprayed some in my bedroom before I handed it over and it was really light and lovely. I know that a beautifully smelling room always makes me feel more relaxed, imagine what it can do for your cranky little one?

I’m hoping that I’ve gotten you excited about these luxurious mom and baby products inspired by It’s A Small World! They’re really fabulous and I hope you’ll give them a try. I’ve also got some FANTASTIC news for all of you! I am hosting a giveaway for a SKIN ESSENTIALS KIT that includes the TOUCH Body Butter, DREAM Sleep Mist, and LOVE Cleansing Bar!! So, you could win these products and give them a try for free!! All you have to do to enter is follow the super fast rafflecopter entry below!

I’m also happy to tell you that all the products in the “it’s a small world” Line are hypoallergenic, sensitivity tested, and parabin free. One more thing…just in case you aren’t the lucky winner of my giveaway, I’ve got a 20% discount code for you to use on your next purchase from basqitsasmallworld.com or basqnyc.com! Just put in JMM20 during checkout and you’ll receive your discount! Please hurry, this code is only valid through 9/7/2012!

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You can find more information about these fabulous products by becoming a fan of Basq Skin Care on Facebook and following @BasqNYC on twitter too!

Disclosure: This post carries a Level One Compensation.

First Look Inside “it’s a small world” And Meeting Snow White…

I did a little bit more digging and found a pic of M inside of “it’s a small world” and she was just mesmerized by the whole thing. Look at her face:

And I found one more princess picture! This time, our little princess was awake for it but she wasn’t too sure what to think, so I had to jump into the picture with them. This was her first character interaction! It was really fun and this Snow White was just beautiful! In case you missed my previous post about M’s big brother stepping in for princess pictures while she was napping, take a look!

It’s such a treat to find these old pics! Having these wonderful experiences & seeing them through the eyes of my children is what has made Disney such a special vacation for our family every single time we go!

People often ask me why I’m not tired of Disney vacations yet & I just laugh…I could never get tired of something so wonderful! How about you? What keeps your family returning to Disney year after year?

First Look At “it’s a small world” And Disney Princesses…

This first trip to Disneyland was such a treasure and the start of many wonderful Disney Parks vacations to come.

I’m going to give you a little bit of history here to start. My mom used to fly down with my brother [who is 13 years younger than me] to California every so often to visit my Grandma. They would go to Disneyland & play after dinner sometimes. Their routine was that they always rode “it’s a small world” first thing. My mom absolutely LOVES that ride! It is her very favorite! Here is a picture that I absolutely treasure:

This is my mom, holding M looking at “it’s a small world” for the very first time! You can just see the wonder and amazement in M’s eyes as she watches what is happening…she didn’t know what to think! Look at the wonderful smile on my mom’s face too! She was so excited to see this & sharing it with her grandchildren was awesome & just such a sweet moment!

Z was such a prince on this trip too! M, being only 2, napped quite a bit during our park-touring time & it just so happened that when the Disney Princesses were all out in their places around the Sleeping Beauty Castle, she was napping! So, Z very modestly said that since it was so important to me that we got autographs & pics of them all, he would step in and take the pictures…FOR ME! What a great sport!

First we met Cinderella….

Next, we met Belle…

Then we met Aurora in her blue dress…

And finally Ariel in her Grotto, Z’s favorite of them all!

It was very fun and we just loved how much attention each princess gave to him and were so excited to see him! It was cute because every one of them told him how cool it was that he was doing this for his sister & his mom!