Last Minute Halloween Round-up ~ Disney Style!

Just another day to go before the big day! Of course, I’m talking about Halloween!! Are you one of those busy people who can barely find the time to get things done by the deadline, let alone get them done early? Well, I’ve got a couple of surprises for you if you’re not quite ready for Halloween and need a few last-minute, easy ways to make it real special at your house!

Did you know that at most store bakeries, you can call ahead and ask them for undecorated cupcakes? I know that cupcakes are real easy to make, but we’re almost out of time over here, so give your local in-store bakery a call and ask for a dozen un-frosted, un-decorated chocolate cupcakes and try out these fantastic Mummified Mickey Cupakes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Batch of baked cupcakes
*Wax paper
*Confectioner’s sugar
*Rolling pin
*Kitchen scissors
*White frosting
*Chocolate nonpareil candies
*Chocolate-covered raisins

Here’s what you do:

Working atop wax paper dusted with confectioners sugar, use a rolling pin to flatten a bunch of marshmallows. Use kitchen scissors to cut the rolled marshmallows into thin strips. Set the strips aside for now. Frost the cupcakes. Press a pair of nonpareil candies (white side down) into the frosting at the top of each cupcake to resemble Mickey ears. Then add a pair of chocolate-covered raisin eyes. Randomly place marshmallow strips over each cupcake, leaving the eyes exposed, to resemble a mummy. Gently press the strips into the icing just enough to make them stick in place. When the cupcakes are sufficiently covered, use the kitchen scissors to trim the marshmallow around the perimeters, as needed.





Now, maybe you’re having a small group of kids over to your house for a little get-together instead of going out, especially if you’re weather is not so good. These Vampire Mickey Candy Boxes are just the thing to fill up with a small dose of Halloween goodness to send everyone home with!

Here’s how to make them:

First, download and print the Vampire Mickey Candy Box template by clicking this link: vampire-mickey-mouse-halloween-candy-box-printable-0911

Print the template on regular paper or cardstock and cut out the pieces. Make all folds along dashed lines. Using either glue or double-sided tape, close Mickey’s body by securing the A tab to the back piece. Close the bottom of the candy box by securing the B tabs, followed by the C tab. Fold each of Mickey’s arms in half along the dashed line so the design is two-sided. Without sticking the tabs together, secure the two sides. Butterfly the tabs on Mickey’s arms and use them to secure his arms to the sides of his body. Finally, fold the top dashed lines on Mickey’s legs toward you, and fold the lower dashed lines away from you — this will help him sit in place. Your little guests will be thrilled to take this box of fun home with them!

Just because the party is over doesn’t mean the haunting has to end. Send your guests home with a couple of Haunted Mansion ghosts of their own with this fabulous bookmark! Is this bookmark stretching? Or is it your imagination? If you happen to be a teacher, what a great “treat” for your students!

Easy Instructions:


1. Print out the bookmark and the bookmark holder [using the above link] on regular paper or cardstock and cut out the pieces, including the “window” on the front of the bookmark holder. Do not cut along the fold lines.

2. Fold the bookmark holder in half along the fold line so the illustration is on the outside. Fold the tabs on the sides inward. Spread glue over the tabs and glue them to the inside of the back of the holder. You should now have a pouch with an opening at the top.

3. Fold the bookmark at the half way line so the illustrations are on the front and the back of the bookmark. Glue the backs together. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and tie a string or ribbon through the hole. Now you can slide your bookmark out of the holder to reveal the grim fates of the Portraits.

I hope I’ve given you some great last-minute ideas for making Halloween fun at your house! I’d sure love it if you let me know in the comments what your favorite last-minute “trick or treat” is!

Also, be sure to check out all of the Festive Fall Craft Ideas over at!

A Disney-Inspired Halloween at Home with Jack Skellington

I don’t know about you all, but my very favorite time of the year is the Fall. It’s been really different for me living in the south because here it is, almost Halloween, and the leaves haven’t even started to change color yet! Speaking of Halloween, which happens to be my absolute favorite holiday, I’ve got a few fun things to share with you courtesy of my friends over at to help you bring Disney into your home for Halloween!

I’ve been noticing that some of you have already carved your pumpkins. Well, when we lived in Seattle, we would normally have them carved by this time too. The thing is though, it was 83 degrees here today, so if our pumpkins were carved, they’d have cooked outside…so we’ll wait a few more days.

What’s this?! A spooky but fun carving template featuring your favorite skeleton, of course! We’ll be carving this one at our house…but not until next week!

Photo Courtesy:

Do you want one too? Ok, here’s how you can make yours. First, click on the link below to download the template:


There are two ways to transfer your design onto the pumpkin. One is to copy it freehand onto a clean, dry pumpkin with a water-based marker (mistakes can be easily corrected with a paper towel). The other is to tape your template to the pumpkin, then score the design into the skin by poking holes through the template with a nail or plastic poking tool (available in some pumpkin-carving kits).

Carve by starting at the center of your design and working outward (this avoids putting pressure on areas already carved). Begin with the innermost and smallest details. As each shape loosens up, gently push it out of the pumpkin with a finger or a dull pencil point (a good job for young kids). Tip: If you cut something you didn’t intend to, perform an ad hoc pumpkin surgery by sticking a toothpick through the flesh side of the piece and fit it back into place.

Lastly, put your jack-o’-lantern in a place of honor (away from flamables), and remember to blow out all candles before you go to sleep.

Now, check out this awesome, printable door decoration of Jack Skellington! Isn’t he so awesome? I’m working on getting him printed up because my kiddos completely adore him and will LOVE to see this guy on the inside of our front door!

Photo Courtesy:

He’s REAL easy to make too! Clicking on the link below will take you to the PDF template of Jack, so open that up first. I’ll wait here.


Ok, now, you can print him out on regular paper or cardstock, I prefer cardstock so he’ll last longer and be more sturdy. Next, you’ll need to punch holes where indicated on the template. Then, using small brads, construct Jack from top to bottom. Start by securing Jack’s head to his torso. When Jack is complete, hang him on a door and put him in any position you like! These poseable figures with brads were my favorite when I was a kid!

How about a great Nightmare Before Christmas Playset?

Photo Courtesy:

All you need to do is print the playset [by clicking on the link below] on regular paper or cardstock and cut out the pieces. Do not cut along the dotted lines — this is where you will fold the paper.


Next, fold each character in half along the horizontal dotted line. Using glue or double-sided tape, secure each piece so the design is two-sided. Do not glue or tape the tabs at the bottom, these will be used to make your characters stand. Then, butterfly the tabs at the bottom of the characters outward; the characters should stand when finished. Finally, cut out the background and secure to a piece of cardboard or a wall and get playing!

I hope you enjoy these fun activities with your kiddos! Be on the lookout for another post later tonight with some more last-minute ways to bring Disney into your Halloween Home and be sure to follow Spoonful on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook to stay in the loop with all their fun!

The Season of Halloween – Disney Style!

I have to tell you all, fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year! I just love all the colors of the leaves changing, that nip in the air, and HALLOWEEN!!! Especially Halloween!!! Fall has been really different for us the last two years since moving here to Savannah. When Halloween is here, it’s still hot out. The trees don’t really start changing color until November-ish. It’s pretty peculiar to me, but I’ll get used to it eventually…especially because Disney Parks extends the Halloween season by an extra month or so! See, tonight is the first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which is undoubtedly my VERY favorite event on the planet!!! This event is not-to-be-missed if you are planning on being at the Walt Disney World between 9/11/2012 and 11/2/2012. There is an extra cost for admission to this very special party and it is worth every penny, in my opinion! Check out the official pricing details along with the Event Guide by clicking here.

I also want to share the brand new party map with you as well so you can possibly print them early and get your planning on [because I know you are all serious planners like me]!!! You’ll notice that there is some very fun NEW entertainment happening this year and check out the early peek of some of the special Party merchandise! Just click on the pictures if you want to view them larger.

Photo Courtesy: The Walt Disney Company

Photo Courtesy: The Walt Disney Company

The first time I attended this special party, we ran around like crazy trick-or-treating, attending dance parties, and riding tons of rides since the lines were so short. Disney only sells a limited number of party tickets, so the Magic Kingdom isn’t filled to capacity which makes it an extra special treat. Now, my ultimate goal is to hit the party twice in the season so I can be 100% sure that I don’t miss a single thing…because I’m sorta nutty like that when it comes to MNSSHP! You don’t HAVE to do it twice, but I highly reccommend it! I just learned today that there will be more candy this year than EVER BEFORE!!! And if sweets are not your thing, there will be healthy options as well. All you’ll need to do is bring your candy that you’ve collected at the treat locations to City Hall, and they’ll exchange your goodies for candy that fits your dietary needs, such as sugar-free candy, treats without nuts and healthy options too! Pretty awesome, right?

Speaking of planning, I sure do like to surprise my kids, but it’s getting really hard to that the older they get because they have my number now…too many surprises over the years apparently! The great Dream Makers over at Disney Floral & Gifts have made a really special “Spirited” Halloween Surprise with teens in mind that includes a special blacklight flashlight for some “to die for” fun!

Photo Courtesy: The Walt Disney Company

The Disney Florist has a whole bunch of absolutely fantastic gift ideas for kids of all ages if you’re inclined to add an extra touch of magic to your fall vacation. I love how thoughtful they are too, for example, the Trick or Treat Pumpkin is collapsable so you can transport it home easily and enjoy for years to come! You’ve just got to LOVE Mickey Ears on a pumpkin! I have seen most of the products offered by Disney Floral & Gifts and they are made of the highest quality and everything is just beautiful. You really have to see it to believe it…check out the article about my special visit to the Disney Events Group by clicking here.

I hope you all have a “Spooktacular” Halloween season and please let me know in the comments below what your favorite part of MNSSHP is if you go!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Happy Muppet Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween! We’re getting ready to go down to Walt Disney World this weekend for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and we’re so excited! In the Halloween spirit, I’m sharing some of Fozzie’s jokes as they were my favorite when I was a little girl! He had that whole segment all to himself! If only they would have had DVR when I was little!

In preparation for the upcoming Muppet movie, I’ve also got a great template to share with you for carving your pumpkins! I love Kermit! Last year for Halloween we had Minnie Mouse and Goofy on our pumpkins.

Wordless Wednesday…Halloween Style!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, especially at Walt Disney World!

My first MNSSHP!

Never been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? It’s a MUST in my opinion! Check it out by clicking here.

Focused on the Magic