DisneySMMoms Celebration 2010: The Second Morning


DisneySMMoms 2010:
The Second Morning


Our 2nd day was an early one! We needed to be down at the front of Disney’s Polynesian Resort by 7:30am for our special bus transportation to EPCOT. Thank goodness for Jennifer being an early-riser because she went and filled mine and Debbie’s coffee mugs for us so we’d have it as soon as we opened our eyes! Those of you who know me, know that I need my coffee first thing! Thanks, Jen!

So, with coffee in our tummies, we headed down to the lobby, boarded our bus, and off to EPCOT we went. I had absolutely no idea that we would be entering the park through a back ‘behind-the-scenes’ entrance. It was so cool to see behind all of the countries from our bus!

We ended up entering the park right alongside of the American Adventure Pavilion where a wonderful breakfast buffet was set up for us in the Rotunda. There was quiche, roasted potatoes, fresh fruit, pastries, yogurt with granola, and the list goes on. Everything was amazing, well, except for the coffee, it was lukewarm! I think they filled the pots a little too early! LOL! We only got our first cup poured for us until I decided to grab a pot off the waiter’s tray and pass it around our table! It was so funny because Melissa even tweeted that I was her hero for doing that!

Our speaker for that morning was Guy Kawasaki. He is the co-founder of Alltop.com, and also a founding partner of Garage Technology Ventures. Guy was very fun to listen to because he shared his thoughts on Twitter and shared how he uses it as a marketing weapon. He, like me, didn’t understand the purpose of twitter at first, like why would anyone care that someone is standing in a long line at Starbucks? He showed us how to do searches so you can see what everyone is saying about anything you are interested in. It’s truly amazing!

After breakfast, we all walked together to World Showplace, a huge room for special events, located between the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions.

I’ll talk about what we did there in my next post!