“it’s a small world” 50th Anniversary at Disneyland With Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman Collage

“it’s a small world” 50th Anniversary
at Disneyland With Richard Sherman


Some of you who have been reading my blog for a couple years may remember when I told you briefly about my mom’s love for “it’s a small world” and how she originally saw it at the 1964 World’s Fair.

itsasmallworld NYC Collage

I was so excited to find out that the 50th Anniversary of “it’s a small world” would be taking place while my family was visiting the Disneyland Resort for the 5th annual Disney Social Media Moms Celebration! There were all different things going on for the special occasion including a sing-a-long where Richard Sherman would be parading down Main Street U.S.A. singing along with the world! We even had a special, reserved place on Main Street to watch the magic!

Small World Collage


My mom was the cutest thing ever, you guys. She hand-wrote the lyrics before she left home and brought them with her to Disneyland so she’d be all ready to sing along. Seeing the excitement on her face when she heard Richard Sherman singing and hearing her sing along with him was an absolutely priceless memory that I’ll cherish forever! It was so sweet!

I was able to capture some video, but I really love the video that Wendy of Plugged In Family took, so have a look!

This was such a special treat to have a front row viewing for this super special afternoon and to be able to share it with my mom and family! A big thanks to the folks at Disney for continuing to make magic for families! These are the moments I live for!