My MOST Magical Moment!!!


My MOST Magical Moment!!!


It was 3:16 in the afternoon on Friday, November 9, 2012 when my phone rang displaying a 407 area code [the MOST magical area code on earth, by the way]!!! I had been wondering what was happening because my phone had been making all sorts of noises for the past half hour or so prior to it ringing. See, I was teaching an online class at the time so I was really focused on what I was doing. So, here’s the thing, when I answered my phone, it was Leanne Jakobowski from Walt Disney World on the line and hearing her voice made my heart skip a beat!!! She was sort of thinking that I might know calls were going out and it was fun, because while I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on with my phone, I knew there weren’t any emergencies because there are special tones for that!

So, we chatted for a few moments and Leanne let me know that her and her team had made their final decisions for the 2013 Moms Panel and I think my heart skipped another beat!!!!!! The next thing she said was that she’d like to invite me to be a 2013 Walt Disney World Moms Panelist and to come down for training next month!!!!!!! I tried really really hard not to blow her eardrums out with my excitement!!!!!!

You guys, I’m seriously over the moon with excitement!!!!!! I have been chasing this dream for so many years and the thought of running down Main Street with a giant butterfly net above my head was looking sort of comical so I just couldn’t be happier to announce to you all that I am officially a 2013 Walt Disney World Moms Panelist!!!!!!!!!!

All of your tweets and Facebook messages since my official announcement last night at 8:03 PM EST absolutely mean the world to me!!!! You must know that I appreciate each and every one of your messages!!! Thank you so very much and I’m going to do my absolute very best to make you all proud!!!!!

P.S. I took the picture above from an ad in the Sunday newspaper two weeks ago!!! I had just started subscribing to it and I just about fell off my chair when I saw that OPI had an actual Pixie Dusted color named “It’s MY Year”!!!!!!! I’m in search for it now because OPI says it’s been discontinued and it REALLY IS my year, so I MUST have it!!!! #AAACK


  1. Congratulations again my friend. This really is the BEST news I’ve heard all week and you are an amazing addition to the Moms Panel. I am so happy for you! 

    • Thanks a bazillion!!!! This is like the best news I’ve heard in years!!!! I’m about the happiest camper on the planet and I wish we lived closer so I could hug ya!!!! <3

  2. Nicola Spiers says:

    The nail varnish ‘its my year’ is available for about $8 on ebay for online beauty suppliers.

    Have a fantastic time being a Disney Mom, can’t wait to follow along xxx

    • Fantastic, Nicola!! Thank you so much!!! I’m totally going to get on Ebay and get an order placed so I can receive it in time to wear it for Moms Panel Training next month!!! Thanks for following along on my magical adventures!!!

  3. I’m still giddy that YOU, Jackie, are FINALLY officially my Disney Sister. xoxoxo Can’t wait to hug you in a few weeks!!!

    • I can’t believe it, Kaylene!!!!! I have loved ya like a sister for years and I’m so so so excited to finally, OFFICIALLY, be your Disney Sister!!!! Absolutely cannot wait to hug you!!!! Packing lots of kleenex too…btw… <3

  4. Congrats what a dream come true!!!!

    • Thank you, Aleisha!!! It truly is my dream come true!!! So happy to be part of sharing the magic!!! It’s my favorite!!!

  5. Allison@Slice of Heaven says:

    We *HAVE* to get a pic of us hand in hand skipping toward the Castle!!!!!!  Dreams do come true and it is OUR year!  I have always wanted this dream and it is even more magical to be sharing it with YOU!!!!!!!

    You seeing that color of polish is like me having the fortune cookie “you will get what your heart desires” yesterday at my birthday dinner!

    • Oh, gosh, YES!!!!!! That will be such a fun pic, Allison!!!!!! We have sure been sharing this same dream for years and I’m so excited to share the magical adventure with YOU too!!!!!!!

      You’re so right about the nail polish color and your fortune cookie!!! I absolutely couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the newspaper circularand saw the name of it!!! I didn’t even see it until almost a week later when I was getting ready to order it using the coupon from the beauty supply company!!!!! I’m so happy that we both got to post our “signs” and that they brought such magical, Pixie Dusted news!!!! <3

  6. Disney Mom Lisa says:

    Congrats, Jackie!  Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in 2013 – and from training next month.  

    • Thank you so much, Lisa!! I’m going to make sure that I share all of my magical moments right here on my blog!! Thanks for reading!!

  7. SO VERY EXCITED for you!!! Can’t wait to see ALL the pics, hear all the great adventures, and get some fresh news of course too (since you’ll be up on all the inside secrets!!)! XO

    P.S. found several bottles of the nail polish on Ebay!

    • Thank you so much, my Ebay expert!!!!! I should’ve thought about that and I’m so glad you told me because it REALLY is imperative that I have this color on my nails for Moms Panel training coming up next month!!!!

  8. Congrats Jackie!! You are the perfect mom’s panelist!

    • Aww, Cindy, you’re so sweet!!!! I sure hope I can live up to that!!! I’ll need a Fairy Godmother to help me out for sure since I’m so far from perfect!!! <3

  9. Congratulations!!!!


  11. Told ya this on Twitter, but have to say it again:  JACKIE!! Happy pixie dusted hugs from Colorado to you, Pink Princess!  *o*

    We’ll be watching and reading along with you on your wonderful journey.  Great job! :) 

    • Thank you, Tami!!! I’m super excited to be a part of the official Pink Pixie Dusted family!!! I will do my very best to share all the magic I can with you way over there in Colorado!!! <3

  12. You are the essence of Pixie Dust, kind and true, ready with a smile and full of all kinds of joy=)  Knowing that the WDW Moms Panel will be graced with your heart speaks volumes about what it truly means to be part of their team.  Congratulations Jackie ~ so very well deserved and what a blessing to us all!!!

    • Molly, you’re so sweet to say such wonderful things about me!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m more excited to be part of this Pink Pixie Dusted team now that we’ve been made official that I can hardly explain it!!! <3 Your support truly means the world to me!!

  13. Big congrats, Jackie!

  14. Hey, Jackie!  You know I’m so happy for you and proud to have worked beside you!

    • Hey, girl!!! Squeeeeeee!!! I am completely over the moon and I’m also honored to have worked beside you!! In fact, I can’t wait to do it again!!! <3

  15. that is fantastic!! Congratulations!!! Thank you for all that you and the other mom’s do! It is a huge help to all of us who are first timers to Disney World know a little more about what to expect. :-)

  16. I’m so happy for you Jackie, You deserve it. I think your one of the best WDW moms and I love when you answer my questions. You are an inspiration and I wish a very Happy and Magical Congratulations ;-)


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