May The Fourth Be With You, Today And Always! #Maythe4th




  1. Cute photos with Darth! How crowded were the Studios?!

    • jjzmgailey says:

      Hey, Amy! Thanks for the compliment! These photos were actually taken last week at a media event where there was a little sprinkling of Star Wars! It was lots of fun!

  2. Chelsea P. says:

    Great pics Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. Love the pics!!!

  4. Oh so great, what a wonderful media event! That Jedi costume is super!

  5. So much fun! My son would LOVE to meet these characters! :)

  6. Holly Manthey says:

    Wow, what great photos! My kids would have loved that! :)

  7. You look like you are having and awesome time. I was sad we had already gone out to disney twice in the last 4 month. please keep sharing the fun,

  8. Gianna R says:

    I would have loved to be there May 4th. My son looooves Star Wars

  9. auwareagle90 says:

    Our wedding anniversary is 5/4/3 – I would LOVE, love , love, to have some photos like this, If that never happens, at least May the 4th will always be with me (us)!

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