Disney’s Vero Beach Resort…Photo Tour And My Thoughts

I am so excited that I had the opportunity to stay at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and to share our experience with you! What an amazing and breathtaking place!

When we arrived, we were greeted by the crocodile from Peter Pan! I LOVED that there were stepping stones in the form of east coast sand dollars which are very different from the ones we see on the west coast. So cool!

Sorry guys, I only got one pic of the inside of our room and this was it! I loved the white furniture in there. It was really beautiful.

We were on the 3rd floor and we had a great view! Getting our luggage up to our room was a breeze because there was underground parking right under our building and luggage carts right there for guests to use. So convenient!

The view from our room!

The beach was beautiful! The sand was rather “shelly” if ya know what I mean. Also, just so you know, the guys pick up the beach chairs and tie down the umbrellas promptly at 5pm so they don’t disturb the turtles! The sea turtles nest on Vero Beach and the resort actually has a Conservancy Program! Check out the Tour de Turtles article on the Disney Parks blog! Also, there are 380 loggerhead sea turtle nests along the 7 km stretch of shoreline RIGHT NOW! The great Cast Members over at Disney’s Ever After Blog shared some great pictures of these little cuties today!

We spent more time at the pool here than anywhere else! It was a really big pool and the water slide was awesome! The whole purpose of our visit was EXTREME rest and relaxation!

Photo Credit: The Walt Disney Company

We had dinner at one of the onsite restaurants, Sonya’s, and it was great. They had a buffet option with characters at Shutters, which was right next door. We decided against the buffet because it was rather pricey. The hostess was so wonderful, she saw that the kids were sort of bummed and she came over to our table and told us that she would come get the kids when the “Pirate Dance” went on so they could come play as long as it was okay with us, which, of course, it was!

Our youngest ran out and got some great shots with the characters and had a fabulous time playing, dancing, and collecting Pirate Booty while we enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner in the other dining room!

I grabbed this shot on our way to the campfire before the sun went down. On the other side of the path, closer to the beach, there were cottages available! Can you imagine having a big family get together in your own cottage? How fun and such a pretty resort!

They had one of these little beauties which was pretty cool too:

Ok, if you read my review on Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, you’d know that we didn’t get to attend their campfire because it wasn’t held on the nights we were there. We did however; get to attend the one here at Vero Beach! It was sooo much fun! The kids had a blast singing fun campfire songs and LOVED it when Grandma was chosen to do the Hokey Pokey! She did such a great job that she won “first in line” for s’mores for all of us! Woo Hoo!

The Cast Members at Vero Beach were so wonderful. I asked someone at the pool where to go for dinner and she wasn’t sure but she radioed someone else who lived there to come chat with us. I was so excited when she came over to me, still in the pool mind you, and showed me a few of her very favorite local restaurants on a map she brought with her! Then she even went and put the map on our table for me so I wouldn’t have to get out of the pool! The restaurants she recommended were awesome! We went to Mr. Manatees for lunch one day and to Mulligan’s Beach House for breakfast on our way out of town. Mulligan’s has two locations…one right on the beach in town and another right on the beach on the way out of town heading north. We didn’t eat at the one in town but we sat in their adirondack chairs for a couple hours while the kids enjoyed the beach. Here’s our view…

This is the one we had breakfast at and our view!!

She also recommended a great ice cream place. She said it was a little off the beaten path, but that it was well worth going to AND it was right across from the beach. The name of the place was Boardwalk Cafe and Ice Cream just in case you go to Vero Beach! Unbelievable…really, you won’t want to miss it. Great homemade ice cream like none I’ve ever tasted! Mmmmm…… We learned something really fun while we were there too. We sat outside on their porch eating our cones when one of my kids looked up and saw this:

Interesting, right? I was thinking that whoever the lucky person was that happened to be sitting underneath that when it broke would get a free cone or something, I mean, notice the red thumb tacks? I didn’t think ziploc bags were that sturdy! We finally gave up on guessing and asked the girl who worked at the ice cream shop what it was for. Turns out that it’s a deterrent for wasps! When they fly near it, they see their own reflection in it and it looks like a big eyeball to them, so they stay away from it! Pretty nifty, huh? Okay…back to the Cast Members…

The Cast Member who checked us in told me to be sure we saw the Peter Pan Tunnel before we left. We had such a nice time relaxing at the pool and hanging out downtown that we didn’t stop to walk through it until our last day. I’m so glad we did, it was adorable! Here are some pics I took while we walked through.


And when we came through the other side of the tunnel, there was a very sweet Cast Member who offered to take our picture next to the Resort’s sign! There is a lake over there along with tennis and basketball courts!


We really had an amazing time. One of my favorite things about the Vero Beach Resort was how respectful they are of the turtles. There was more information about them in our room but I forgot to take a pic of it! You’ll really need to just go there and see it for yourself, you won’t be sorry! Disney’s Vero Beach gets two thumbs up from us! There are lots of activities and excursions at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort too! Check them out!

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort…Photo Tour And My Thoughts

We decided, rather spur-of-the-moment I might add, to go up to Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort for the weekend. I must say that I’m so happy we did as it’s only an hour from our house and it was absolutely magnificent there! The resort is off the beaten path of the main drag going out to the coast. Even the signs pointing you to the resort blended in with the scenery. But, once we drove through those gates, we knew we were HOME!!

Bambi and Thumper were right there to welcome us!

One of my favorite touches was the brass door pulls leading into the main lobby! They looked like a Mickey Head when both doors were closed! Love it!

One of the things I fell in love with immediately was the decor. It gave me a lodge sort-of-feel and I felt like I had been transported back to the Pacific Northwest somehow! There are plenty of indoor games going on to keep you and your family busy in case the weather is not-so-great during your visit. They also had DVD rentals available at their store!

We found some pretty awesome spots as we explored the property. This boardwalk went around a beautiful marina. I really loved checking out all the different boats that were docked there.

We spotted their very cute Mickey-enhanced mailbox just before crossing the bridge.

The pool was designed to have the look of a water hole where you just jump right off the dock and into the lake! It was pretty cool! Never mind the *hidden* water slide!

The kids were REALLY scouring the place for Hidden Mickeys and found this one by the pool.

There was even a dock that extended way out and we could spot sand crabs and all sorts of fun creatures from there. My husband was out there one of the nights and saw a blue heron that was about six-feet tall (didn’t have the camera with him though!)!

I thought it was a cute touch to have directional signs pointing toward the other Disney Vacation Club Resorts!

I was excited to see this campfire area with all the benches where they have s’mores on select nights throughout the week. We were there on Friday and Saturday nights but didn’t get back for it in time on Friday and it wasn’t being held on Saturday. We’ll have to catch it for sure on our next visit!

My husband was pretty excited about the number of hammocks that were all over the property. Great place to enjoy a good book!

There is only one restaurant on property and it has your basic burgers, sandwiches, and salads. They do serve breakfast as well. I would compare it to the quick service restaurants that are available on Walt Disney World property. If you want a nice sit-down meal here, you’ll need to go off property. There were two restaurants just over the bridge, within walking distance. The front desk has some great recommendations, so be sure to check with them because sometimes they offer discounts too.

Again, little touches of Mickey here and there…

I was surprised at the number of things to do at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort! They had lots of options for children of all ages!

Lots of things to rent also…

We had a studio reserved for Friday night and a two-bedroom for Saturday night. Totally loved our towel animal! Here’s a look at the studio…

Nice sized kitchenette…

Our two-bedroom villa was amazing. Yup. I could have moved in and been perfectly content.

We had our very own picnic table and two rocking chairs out on the HUGE patio overlooking the swimming pool.

This is the hallway between the living room and the 2nd bedroom…there was a washer and dryer in the closet directly across from the bench. Again, I just loved the decor!

We had the standard king-sized bed in the master bedroom. Here’s a look from the bedroom into the master bath.

We saw Shadow’s dog house on our way in when we first arrived and we were lucky enough to catch him there on our way out! We probably spent half an hour with him. Our kids, especially the littlest one, love animals!

We didn’t get a chance during our visit to go to Disney’s Beach House, so on our way home, we decided to go see what it was all about. Private beach access! I was wondering where the beach came into play here!

Just a couple of small things that I would change here if I was the boss. One was that I had put on our reservation that it was our first visit there and they gave us Walt Disney World First Visit buttons. It was definitely NOT our first WDW visit! It would be cool if they had their own buttons. Then, there was a message on our phone congratulating us on our first visit to Walt Disney World. I think it would be a really nice touch for them to change that recording so that it welcomes you to Hilton Head Island for your first visit there. I just felt like it should be treated differently since it’s not actually on Walt Disney World property.

That said, we couldn’t have had a better time at this resort! It felt just like home from the minute we arrived and we were able to get our (well, MY) Disney fix in! We decided to rent a movie on Saturday night and much to my surprise, they sold MICKEY BARS at their store!!!!!! Two thumbs up!!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – Photo Tour And My Thoughts

Photo Credit: Marc Lorenzo

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Photo Tour And My Thoughts

I have read many reviews on Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and I’ve heard that it is a wonderful place to stay for many reasons, one of the biggest is that it’s right on the monorail line. I have to be honest though, I have never been able to wrap my head around the rates there until now.

I recently had the opportunity to stay there, along with my husband and our 2 kids, ages 9 and 13, during the Social Media Moms Celebration. I must say that from the moment we checked in, we were all in awe of the amazingness that IS the Grand Floridian. It is a completely different feeling walking in there to check in as opposed to walking in for a dining reservation. Just look at how beautiful their check-in folders are!

We were given a room that was in between the main building and the convention center in the “Sago Cay” building. Our room wasn’t going to be ready for a while, but that was fine because we’d left all of our things in the car. One thing about parking at the Grand Floridian is that it’s a pretty good distance away. We were discussing how we’d get all of our things from the car when a Cast Member from Bell Services heard us and came over to say that they would be more than happy to take us to our car in one of their “golf carts” so we wouldn’t have to carry it all! How cool is that? We didn’t even have to ask!

Anyhoo, when we got the message that our room was ready, we were pretty excited! Well, let me re-phrase that just a little, I was EXTREMELY excited! I snapped a few shots of the beautiful details in our room the minute we walked in.

Gorgeous already right? That is some beautiful marble! Isn’t that flower on the top of the white porcelain tissue dispenser just beautiful? I love the little things, what can I say? Even the toilet paper wrap had a gold-colored logo on it!

We walked around the corner and there was this HUGE hidden Mickey on one of the beds. Just look at how thick those towels are!

I have to tell you, I never appreciated the towels at Disney’s Deluxe Resorts so much until I went from staying in a Saratoga Springs Treehouse Villa to the All Star Sports Resort. Wow.

This picture was on the wall, and I LOVE it! I would hang it right in my living room if given the opportunity. For real.

And this mirror would go beautifully in my bedroom!

Ok, I know shared our view with you already, but I must show you again because it was simply amazing.

A Room With A View!

Each night when we came back to our room, we had a “Kiss Goodnight” on our bed which consisted of a cute little card and a special Grand Floridian chocolate.

I have always adored the attention to detail at Walt Disney World and I found that the Grand Floridian is no exception. I spent more time in our room this time than I ever have before because it was so magical and beautiful with the monorail gliding by and hearing the whistle from the WDW Railroad…..ahhhh….until next time.

Disclosure: I paid to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. In exchange for my registration fee, I received deeply discounted rates on hotel, park tickets, events, meals, and swag. I am not required nor was I asked to write about the events by Disney or any other party affiliated with the event. Thoughts are 100% my own.