2016 Chocolate Easter Eggs at Disney’s Grand Floridian


2016 Chocolate Easter Eggs at
Disney’s Grand Floridian


After having a great lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe last weekend, my kids and I decided to spend some time looking at the gorgeous display of handmade Chocolate Easter Eggs in the front lobby.

I really love how they incorporated scenes from some of the newer Disney movies such as The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Tangled, and even some old favorites like Lady and the Tramp and Robin Hood. Get a load of that BB-8!

You know how the lobby of the Grand Floridian smells like gingerbread during the Christmas season from the life-sized Gingerbread House? Well, imagine that wafting smell of chocolate!

Please excuse the angle of some of the eggs as there were lots of Guests around and I wanted to capture the whole thing from as close as I could get. If you click on the photo, you’ll be able to see it bigger.





This last egg was just too fabulous and I couldn’t manage to take a still shot of it that was worthy; so I took a video instead! Another disclaimer; PLEASE excuse the vertical video as I only had my iPhone and the egg was tall so it had to be that way to get the whole thing. Hope you like it!

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