2012 Walt Disney World Moms Panel Search

You will probably all laugh at me, but I’ve become somewhat of an email stalker during the last few weeks. There have been so many really exciting events and such going on that I’ve hardly been able to contain myself!

I knew that emails would be going out any time to those who made it or didn’t make it to Round 2 of the 2012 Walt Disney World Moms Panel selection process. Lots of my friends started tweeting this afternoon about it and I started getting really anxious/excited! At 3:27pm EST I received an email from the Mickey Moms Club and it was a newsletter. I think my heart skipped a beat! So, I went back to my writing when I saw my gmail tab receive another email at 3:46pm EST. It was from the Walt Disney World Moms Panel and in the subject line, it said “Congratulations! You made it to Round 2!”!!! Here’s a small excerpt from my letter…

I am so insanely excited that I can barely describe it to you! I’ve been applying for the Moms Panel every year for four years now. This is the second year that I’ve made it to Round 2 and I’m really excited about it! I want you all to know that I’m so glad you’re taking the time to read this right now and I appreciate the support of each and every one of you! You all mean the world to me! Thanks for sharing my Pixie Dust!


  1. shelley J says:

    I am so proud of you!

  2. Good Luck, Jackie! You would make a super Disney Mom! 

  3. Thenotsoperfecthousewife says:

    Congrats Jackie! How exciting.
    I was just reading someone elses blog who didn’t make the cut. So heartbreaking. But there’s always Disneysmmoms right??

    So happy for you!! Good luck onto the next step..

  4. Congrats!  Sad for me but happy for you!

  5. congrats!  I also made round 2 this year and now the waiting is numbing…but exciting

  6. Claireelise says:

    ok. i haven’t heard anything about round 3 and am assuming i either missed the email or i’m just not going to hear…have you heard anything? this is killing me!

    • jjzmgailey says:

      I don’t think you’ve missed anything yet! I’m sitting over here on pins and needles too! Pixie Dust wishes to you!


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